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Our Horses

Life at Iron Horse Turtle Ranch

Our horse have roughly 35 acres to roam on.

They spend most of their time in a herd environment with the family's

7 saddle horses and lots of free range grass, hay and water.

They are  very much part of our family and get spoiled by the grandkids.

We use Percherons as we love they're quite disposition.

Our main carriage horses are Duke and Dolly , brother and sister they are a retired hunting (pulling a wagon in the mountains) team,  our main Wagon team are Bonny and Donny a retired  chore team, who we bought after their elderly gentleman partner had two surgeries, requiring him to give up his 17.1hh and 17.3hh team.

 We also have Sam our darling "single" 

Most weeks they only work Friday and Saturday, even then we alternate teams so at the most they work one, or when are busy two, 2-5 hour days a week.

they see their Farrier every 6 weeks and with the exception of one team, they are barefoot.

Bonny and Donny are our "Big Team" and do most of the hay rides, many in the City, so they wear barium barred shoes, November to April, to keep better grip on icy roads.

We work closely with our vet who's office is just up the road. She enjoys working with such well behaved equines!

Everywhere we take the horses, we bring water from home, hay cubes and protein horse kibble they think of as treats.

The Iron Horse Turtle Ranch believes that our senior horses are precious, we keep them here, the grandkids learn to ride on them and sometimes just bring them up to brush them and love on them.

Life is good.


Samwise  (Sam )

Duke and Dolly 


            Esqueleto Rojo (Esky)


Deliahla's Command (Command)


Donny and Bonny, 



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