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At the Ranch

For activities on the Ranch, we start with a base price of $375.00 for one hour up to 14 people, for our wagons or sleighs or $425.00 for one hour for our larger wagon or sleigh up to 24 persons.

Additional time will be charged at $100.00 for every 1/2 hour or portion thereof. 

Fire pit $30.00 an hour. You are welcome to bring your own fire side snacks and sticks/utensils.

The Vis-a-Vis carriage  and Sleigh start at $375.00 an hour.

The Cinderella Carriage starts at $400.00 an hour.

Maximum 6 people, for photography on our picturesque property, or rides, which will be on the public roads in our mature neighborhood.

At the location of your choice

For activities off of the ranch, you will be responsible for any permits required, and providing a suitable location for the activity, and parking for our 55' rig.

For sleigh and wagon rides, two staff members the price is $850.00 for up to 2 hours, or $1,300.00 for up to 4 hours.

For the Vis-a Vis carriage (Basic Package) $1,350.00 for up to 2 hours carriage service and photos.

For the Cinderella Carriage (basic Package) $1,375.00 for up to 2 hours carriage service and photos.

Overtime charges are $100.00 for every 1/2 hour or part thereof.

Travel outside the Greater Edmonton area will be charged at $1.25 per 1 Km. travelled round trip, or part thereof.

Additional staff if required will be billed out at $40.00 hr.

Please call Catherine 780-718-7734 or e-mail
"" to book rides or services.
Only phone, e-mail or text requests will be accepted, NO Wix appointments.

No dates will be held without a retainer.

Check our "Packages" page for additional services.
A fee (included in final price) of 40% will be required before holding a reservation .
Final payment will be due before the start of the event.
There will be a 10% hold back on cancellations 

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