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Choose one or more of our Carriages, Wagons or Sleighs let them speak for themselves,

use them for display/ photo ops. or transportation.

Decorate as per our options,

or arrange to have them decorated as per your special request.**

Talk to us about how you envision your grand day, and we will 

do our best to accommodate you 

at the best rates available.

* *additional fees may apply

Bhuvin Baraat


Alberta's best choice 

We have added this exciting new aspect to our repertoire.

Working with friends and associates with knowledge of East Indian culture , we have put together a set of stunning packages for that so important day.

Our Baraat horse is beautiful and calm, our  Baraat costume and umbrella custom made and we offer the choice of two Carriages with many decoration options.


The morning of your wedding the horse is brought in from the field, bright and early and thoroughly bathed.

while she is drying she gets a healthy snack, then the mane and tail are trimmed, braided then when dry the tail and legs are wrapped up in polo wraps and the horse covered in a keep her clean during travel

when we arrive on site, the horse is un wrapped, brushed out, her feet are painted with glitter, the, blankets etc. and saddle put on.

At this point the staff change into proper attire, either Western or Eastern

Shortly thereafter the groom's party arrives!!


The procedure is much the same, but often with two horses and they are harnessed rather than draped.

If decorations (blankets, drapes, flower garlands) are requested on the carriage, they are completed on site to avoid damage during transport.

Please see the photos in the Gallery

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