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  Additional Packages


Premium Package

The Carriage, Wagon or Sleigh is draped on all four sides with garlands of (artificial) flowers and a wreath is displayed on back.

The horses are scrubbed clean and manes and tails are braided with coloured fabric.

The horses hooves are painted black with an overcoat of sparkle.

Arrangements can be made to allow extra time before the event for real flowers

(provided by the customer) to be used

Our (2)

staff wear Frock Coats , Top hats and white gloves


or three piece suits with Stetsons (wagons) 

Starting at $200.00

over vehicle charges


Classic package

Our Carriage

Wagon or Sleigh

Will be presented by a single or team (depending on the vehicle) of Percheron.

 Washed and groomed, with braided manes and tails and blacked hooves.

Our(2) staff wear 3 piece suits with top hat or Stetson

Starting at $100.00

over base vehicle price

Mane Lattice.JPG

Basic Package

Our Basic Package

Consists of very clean, well groomed horse(s)

A clean and well turned out vehicle of your choice.

Our (2)staff in Suits (Vis-a-Vis) or matching Western Wear

Included in base price

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